WHY Small Biz



You possess your clients Vital Statistics, Personal Identification Information…all in one hack!

  • Birthday
  • Address, Phone
  • Social Security
  • Credit Card
  • Insurance
  • Email address, Website
  • Social Network information
  • Tax returns
  • Financial Investments
  • Retirement Plans, Assets
  • Passwords and Username
  • Photos of people, homes, objects in home, etc.

Besides all of this, you are letting them know that their current home is available to invade and which homes are open to rob…especially if your emails have been hacked…

   SANS Institute says there are TWO Business Types-     those who have been attacked & those who will be because wireless  is the wild-wild west. Small Businesses are:

  • Apathetic, Complacent
  • Uneducated Users
  • False Sense of Security
  • Every move is Digitally recorded
  • Think Devices are bullet proof
  • Small business is the low hanging fruit
  • Homes are high value targets
  • All new devices bring out black hat hackers
  • Switches are hidden in source codes- invisible
  • Attackers are faceless, nameless and a keystroke away
  • Don’t recognize the Red Flags- devices running slowly, erratically or sending you to sites you did not designate.
  • Don’t understand that the Avenues of Attack are limitless
  • Have no Action Plan for what to do if an attack happens, do not educate employees on the proper use of social networks, etc.
  • Risk Management rather than Risk Elimination is the new normal.
  • Malware minimizes the risk it doesn’t eliminate it.
  • Unconcerned , apathetic users add to the 660% increase in cyber attacks last year due to human error and vulnerabilities.
  •  95% comes from a person or external agent
  • 81% breeches come from hacking
  • 69% from malware
  • Breeches cost $100 billion a year…$300 billion globally for small business.
  • Most businesses think they are too small to be attacked.

             60% of ALL hacked small businesses do not survive AFTER THE ATTACK!