Homeland Security in Cyber Protection

dhs-twitter-300_400x400 What Homelamd Security os doing for us in the Cyber Pretection…Recent examples of the types of cases investigated and supported by C3 include:

Silk Road and Silk Road 2.0 – a darknet underground marketplace selling controlled substances and illegal services like computer hacking, creation of fraudulent identification documents and money laundering.
Black Market Reloaded – another underground online marketplace selling a variety of illegal goods, including poisons, firearms, ammunition, explosives, narcotics and counterfeit items.
Scams Are Us – an ongoing investigation into more than 200 transnational criminals in 17 countries using advanced internet proxy services, malware, and spamming to steal identity information and financial data.
The Expendables 3 – an investigation into the cyber theft of intellectual property conducted by HSI Los Angeles when hackers obtained access to the cloud storage of Lions Gate Entertainment and stole a copy of the yet unaired movie. As a result of the Los Angeles investigation and with assistance from HSI Attaché London, City of London Police executed search warrants and arrested three suspects.
Operation Round Table – one of the largest online child exploitation investigations in the history of ICE, involving more than 200 victims in 39 states and five countries and the operation of a child pornography website on the dark net with more than 27,000 subscribers.